Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a gradual process where you use keywords to optimize your website so that it is visible and performs well in organic search in search engines. When the keywords are searched it is easier for people to find your website leading to increased traffic.


SEO results will not be seen if it is not done properly. You should have an in-depth analysis of the keywords so that when your target population searches they will find you easily.  The keywords should feature several times on your website pages which will your website optimized well in the organic search.


You should have well researched and interesting topics when you want to write SEO content. This will give people variety of what they can find on your website to read and also they will find it worthy to share with their friend who will eventually want to know what your website is all about.


When people visit your site ensure that they may want to come back again. The user experience should be excellent when they visit your website, if a person visits your website and finds it is unattractive and difficult to navigate around it they will leave and may not want to come back again. You may invest a lot of time and resources in SEO but the website turns off your clients or visitors, click here for more info!


When you build trust and people have confidence in your website, it will also be easier for search engines to trust you and rank you higher. This also should be an indication that you should be honest on the goods or services that you offer because also if people review your services badly, you will lose credibility and hence rank lower.


Link building can also be done through social media sites where you share content about your website but also you should ensure you have submitted your website to search engines for review and ranking. Usually, the process of submission is usually easy but very vital. For further details about SEO, check this link at


People may want to create a narrative that SEO is costly but it is not. Assuming that you have a business and you want to get clients and make sales, you have to market your product vigorously.  Other may view SEO as a cost but it is an investment for the future, this is a continuous process that will yield results over time so the more you invest your time and resources, the more results are seen so this should not be viewed as a costly affair and time wastage.



 You were probably asking yourself why you need SEO and now have answers as to why you need to engage your online followers more and how you will be able to get constant traffic to your website. You realize that traffic will result in sales which will lead to growth of your business. Know more here